Paige & Christian

Photographers & Filmmakers. Lovers of coffee and good adventures. Dive in with us!

🗺Travelers • Adventure Seekers
Sharing slices of our earth to ignite curiosity & inspire adventures
🩺 Paige• Travel RN
☕️ Christian•Remote Coffee Biz

Where to begin… Well we are high school sweethearts and were married in 2017. We are based out of the beautiful state of Colorado.

Where did our love for travel come from? Glad you asked! I grew up in very adventurous family. My dad instilled the love of travel/adventure in me at a young age. For instance, I got my scuba license at age 14! So, when Christian and I got married, I made it my mission to show him the world… turns out he loves travel just as much me! Phew!

The more we traveled the more we wanted to document it. Follow along!

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